Be Your Own Designer

The Home Quick Planner helps you to design your own building, remodeling and decorating projects. It is also useful when moving (for planning purposes). The planner includes 700 reusable peel-and-stick, 1/4-inch scale furniture and architectural symbols, plus a 5,600 square-foot floor plan grid. exclusively sells individual sheets from the Home Quick Planner, typically used by design and building professionals, educators, retirement communities, and other marketing professionals. Complete planners and kits are available through online retailers. See the order page for details. 


What to expect

Symbols include everything you need from tables, chairs, couches, beds and pianos to every standard kitchen cabinet and appliance, an extensive assortment of bathroom fixtures and cabinets, plus windows, doors, walls, switches, outlets, lights and much more.

Simply lift the symbols and arrange them on the floor plan grid to design floor plans, move furniture and make changes. Instructions and tips on design details like critical dimensions and clearances are provided to help you improve your design and save money.

The renowned Canadian Centre for Architecture featured the planner in its exhibit, “100 Years of Innovations in Design.”

After you’ve finished designing your floor plans and furniture layout  with the Home Quick Planner, you can build a 3-D model of your design with the 3-D Home Kit.

Our products have been featured on HGTV, ABC’s World News Tonight, and in Better Homes & Gardens, Popular Science and most recently in Wired UK, among many others.