Home Quick Planner
& 3D Home Kit FYI + Q's & A's

Home Quick Planner furniture layout and room planning guidelines: The Home Quick Planner's Design Notes section provides critical dimensions and clearances to help you arrange furniture and architectural elements.

Q. What stores sell the Home Quick Planner and 3D Home Kit?
A. Currently, our products are not widely available in retail stores. We sell our products direct and this allows us to customize them to your needs.

Q. Will the Home Quick Planner's reusable peel and stick stick furniture and architectural symbols adhere to my custom home plans or floor plan layout?
A. The symbols stick to any flat surface, but they work best on non-porous, shiny surfaces. If the symbols don't adhere well to your plan, you can cover it with a clear plastic overlay sheet, laminate it, or photocopy the plan onto coated paper.

Q. How large a project can fit on the Home Quick Planner's 5,600 square-foot Floor Plan Grid?
A. The dimensions of the grid are 16" by 22"; which in 1/4-inch scale equals 64 feet by 88 feet. The Home Quick Planner 5000/Deluxe includes two of these floor plan grid sheets.

3D Home Kit design ideas: The kit's Design Notes sheet outlines a professional approach on how to design and evaluate your own home plans.

3D Home Kit model building tips: Step-by-step model building instructions are provided in the Model Construction section.

Q. Any tips for building my 3D Home Kit model?
A. When constructing your model, build the exterior walls first and make them the full height of the house including any peaks. For interior walls, cut strips the height of the walls and 18-inches long. Then, use these strips to layout the interior partitions. Any upper floors can sit on the interior walls below them and be held in place by the full height exterior walls.

Q. Can my 3D Home Kit model include a slate or tile roof, columns, and special architectural details?
A. There's almost no limit to what you can build with the kit materials. For example, the same sheet of material which looks like gray shingles, also looks like slate and concrete; turn the sheet 90 degrees and it looks like tiles. You can make columns, window mullions, trim boards and other details from the sheets that look like siding and stucco.

Q. How do I fasten the 3D Home Kit model together?
A. 1/2-inch clear tape is quick and lets you make changes. Place it along the inside edge of exterior walls and on the underside of roof sections. White glue (i.e. Elmers) makes strong permanent bonds. Post-it note glue-stick and rubber cement are good for temporary bonds; for example, arranging the kits windows and doors during the design phase.

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